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The Unknowns are a young 3 piece original Rock N Roll band that loves the 50’s and 60's and early pre-Punk and new wave sounds. By being part of the Unknowns Community the Individual will immediately receive all of the Unknowns music FOR FREE!! You will also get access too secret tracks, discounts on merchandise and much more. You will also be Notified on the bands movements, new projects ect. Much Luv <3

We would like too thank every SINGLE person that has helped support us so far!! We believe in QUALITY and we Figure Every SINGLE person counts, so expect the love you deserve from us, The Unknowns

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The Unknowns
Sunshine Coast, Australia
Energetic up and comers, The Unknowns are breathing new life with their raw rock-n-roll sound mixed with a punk attitude. The band loves “the feeling playing live shows gives us and the freedom of expression that only comes from playing the music we play” Appealing to their own generation The Unknowns strive to bring back good honest Music, so stay tuned !!!!!!!!!!

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